Hello, my name is Deanna. I’ve experienced the insanity of grief and the silence and aloneness that follows the death of a child. In 2007 my nine-year-old son, Sam, collapsed on the playground at school and died from sudden cardiac arrest* caused by hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Nothing ever takes away the pain, but I’ve learned that the right words and wisdom can make a positive difference in the ongoing process of adjusting to life after the death of your child, or children.

I’ve created Willow Post to write about my experience as a willower, or bereaved parent. Here, you’ll find words on mindfulness, mourning, motherhood, and the memory of my child, as well as other thoughtful information, resources, stories, poetry, and quotes.

Willow Post is for:

  • Those who have experienced loss, especially the death of a child
  • Also those who are seeking stories of depth, value, and inspiration
  • Also those who have an interest in supporting or counseling the bereaved

I hope to make a positive impact on those who are adjusting to the vacuum left by a child’s death. To offer the right words and wisdom, and maybe even company in the darkest and loneliest of moments. And to honor the memory of my son, Sam—aspiring writer, magician, and wise old soul.


*According to the American Heart Association, 295,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur each year, and  5,760 children under the age of 18 (16 children each day) will suffer SCA.

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